Melissa was able to identify her intuitive abilities at the very young age of 4 years old. Growing up in Los Angeles, California; she had many experiences rescuing animals and communicating with dearly departed family members. At 10 years of age, she  was able to see and speak with her deceased Grandmother which led her family to seek help.
Melissa's psychic abilities were initially frowned upon, so she kept them to herself because of imposed fear by family members insinuating that she was cursed.
This caused physical illness and frustration during her childhood and teenage years. It wasn't until Melissa met like-minded people that she truly realized this was a gift and would be able to use these abilities to help both humans and animals.
While living in Southern California and Massachusetts, Melissa joined local paranormal investigative teams. Her desire was to get scientific evidence to substantiate that her psychic abilities were indeed accurate. She traveled
all over the country in search of Animal Paranormal and she found it. Audio recordings, photos & investigative experiences validated what she already knew existed. Now it was time to focus on helping others. Melissa began her true focus on healing humans through Spirit Communication with Animal Companions both living and deceased.
During her early years doing private Readings, she experienced that there is no separation between Animal & Human Spirit Communication.
During 2011 until 2015, Melissa pursued an active dream to fully dedicate her life to advocating for animals. She traveled to Taiji, Japan for 6 months of each year to document the Annual Dolphin Hunting Season. She led the Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian multi-media campaign to stop the annual capture and slaughtering of dolphins. Hundreds of volunteers travel to witness and document daily for 6 months every year. This took Melissa out of her spiritual realm and took an enormous toll on her emotionally. Melissa was eventually denied entry to return to Japan, due to her determined strength to be a voice for these sentient beings.

This left a huge void and drive to continue to continue helping animals in other ways using her abilities.
For over 15 years, Melissa has helped thousands of people worldwide with their beloved animal and human companions in Spirit.

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